Brian’s Story

Brian, who has a higher functioning disability, lived at home and cared for his mom until it became necessary for her to move to a nursing facility. He then moved into one of our accessible apartments in October 2014. Brian is very independent in many ways; he visits his mom at Pinehaven every day. They play bingo and then have a little nap. Brian even drove his mother and her friends on an outing. “I took all her nursing home friends in my car, took their wheelchairs and took them to the Senior Games.” Still, Brian needs help navigating some of life’s challenges, so an accessible apartment at Jacob’s Village is the best of both worlds for him: he lives independently in his own home, but has help when he needs it.

Jacob’s Village also offers Brian a lively community where he has made good friends and finds lots of activities to keep him engaged. “I like exercise and bingo the most. I like seeing the USI people and my friends.” The peaceful, friendly setting also appeals to Brian, and he enjoys walking his dog Bruce around the community. What would Brian do without JV? “Probably nothing. I wouldn’t stay active. It helps me get out of the house and do activities.”