Adam’s Story

Adam Morehead is among the extraordinary people that Jacob’s Village is able to serve, thanks to the support we receive from generous supporters of our mission. Cerebral palsy has significantly limited his mobility, speech and the use of his hands since birth. He requires assistance with many aspects of daily living. However, his positive attitude as he meets each challenge inspires others to think about the remarkable things that we all can accomplish with the support of caring friends. Amazing as it seems, Adam has even been skydiving.

Adam Morehead

Continuing to soar to new heights of achievement, Adam is now a freshman majoring in civil engineering at the University of Southern Indiana. He “talks” to classmates by pointing to the letters on his ever-present communication board to spell out what he wants to say. The 44-year-old college student emails, uses social media and does his homework by typing with his nose. He gets around campus and the Jacob’s Village neighborhood in his power wheelchair, accompanied by his caregiver and friends.

Adam Morehead

Every day presents a new challenge, according to Adam. However, he is eager to make the most of each day with his friends at Jacob’s Village by his side. “I like talking to everyone,” he explains. “They help me get through life.” Likewise, his housemates and friends can count on Adam to help them when they need it, and to celebrate life’s special moments with them as well. One of his favorite things to do is go out for pizza on a Friday night. While Adam has lived in other places, he says the friendships, peaceful atmosphere, and clean environment at Jacob’s Village make him feel that he is truly at home now.

Your generosity makes it possible for Adam and his neighbors to have a supportive home that encourages them to be all that they can. Jacob’s Village depends on your donations to supplement the resident fees that fund our operating budget. This budget provides the homes, support and services that Adam and many other disabled adults need.

Here are some examples of how your donation will make a difference:

  • $225 provides gas and electric services for one home at Jacob’s Village for one month
  • $45 supplies enough food for one person for one week
  • $10 covers the cost of one day of transportation for one resident to go to work

Please consider making a gift to Jacob’s Village today. Your gift will make a great impact on the daily lives of people like Adam.