Disability Support Services

Apex Behavioral Services: Providing Services for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities at Jacob’s Village

Team Apex

At Jacob’s Village, people with intellectual and developmental disabilities have the option to reside in supported living homes or apartments. Jacob’s Village has partnered with Apex Behavioral Services to provide residential support to individuals living at these locations. Apex serves more than 20 people at Jacob’s Village.

Apex Behavioral Services prides itself in its ability to provide high quality waiver programs in the following areas:

1.) Behavior Management
2.) Recreational Therapy
3.) Residential Based Community Integrative Services

Along with ensuring that we provide the absolute best service to clients we also take great pride in our ability to ensure that all staff members are paid out at the highest possible rates with the emphasis on decreasing turnover in a field that is plagued by it.  Bottom Line: “Our goal is to help you reach yours!”

Learn more about Apex Behavorial Services at: http://apexbehavioralservices.com/

Residential Options

Jacob’s Village offers two supported living options for people with developmental disabilities.  Supported living homes accommodate four individuals and are staffed around the clock by Apex.  Supported living apartments are available with one or two bedrooms, where people receive intermittent support.  Apex provides nursing care to individuals at Jacob’s Village, including those with high medical needs.  More information about residential options can be found here.

Professional Staff

Choice and independence are central to our caregiver services.  Through annual planning meetings and regular contact with families, caregivers ensure goals are met and celebrated. Staff empower people to manage finances, learn new household skills and become part of the greater Evansville community.

Community Inclusion

Professional StaffOpportunities to shop, see movies and participate in other recreational activities are available in groups or one-on-one with staff.  Caregivers will provide transportation.

Spiritual Life Support

Spiritual SupportThe staff of Jacob’s Village in partnership with resident caregivers work with local churches and ministries to ensure the spiritual life preferences of each individual at Jacob’s Village is being met.  Every year, the spiritual life needs of each individual supported at Jacob’s Village are assessed and adjusted to better meet their preferences.

Respite Care

At Jacob’s Village, Apex is offering accessible, reliable, and safe respite services to families and service providers who need temporary residential support placement for an individual.  Respite services can also be provided at an individual’s home.

Respite service is available for a day, an overnight, a weekend, or a more extended period.  A respite stay at Jacob’s Village includes staff support, a private bedroom, all meals, and participation in any activities and outings alongside other residents.

To contact Apex about services at Jacob’s Village: 812.909.1620