Jacob’s Village, Inc. was established in 1999 with the vision of creating a neighborhood community where adults with functional disabilities could find accessible housing, staff support for daily living activities, programs to increase independent livings skills, social and recreational opportunities, and transportation assistance.  This vision was inspired by people with special needs and the universal concern of their parents and caregivers: what will happen to my child (or sibling) when I’m gone? *

This universal concern of parents with special-needs children is understood first-hand by the family of Andrew Guagenti, who founded Jacob’s Village and have generously supported its development.  The Guagenti’s grandson, Jacob, has Down’s Syndrome and was the inspiration for Jacob’s Village. In October 2004, Jacob’s Village opened its first 2 homes to adults with disabilities whose elderly caregivers were in urgent need of help.  These residents of Phase I have enjoyed access to a range of support services and programs that have been tailored to their needs, interests and goals.  Over the years, and in collaboration with community care providers, Jacob’s Village has been able to offer residential options to more families in need.  Today Jacob’s Village is home to over 30 people with disabilities who enjoy an independent lifestyle in our supportive community, built on Christian values and principles.

In 2007, Jacob’s Village Board of Directors recognized a critical issue in rural western Vanderburgh and Posey counties:  lack of affordable housing for those who need accessible accommodations and/or who want to ‘age in place’.  This housing issue is critical for all people on limited incomes, but especially so for people with disabilities and lower income seniors living in rural settings.  In response to this issue, the Board acted to expand the impact of Jacob’s Village within our local community by initiating Phase II of our Master Plan.  We are pleased to now offer 12 attractive, ground level, 1 and 2 bedroom apartments.

green-apartmentThe apartments were completed in February 2013 and enable us to more than double the number of people served by our mission.  Additionally, our new multipurpose community center will be the centerpiece of the Jacob’s Village neighborhood and house a variety of programs, services and amenities for our residents.

*The magnitude of this problem is sobering. In Indiana there are over 14,000 people with developmental disabilities living with caregivers over the age of 62.