Neighborhood Tax Credits (NAP) awarded to Jacob’s Village

Jacob’s Village Awarded valuable NAP tax credits

By making a donation to Jacob’s Village ($100 or greater), you will be able to utilize Neighborhood Assistance Program Tax Credits – allowing you to get half of your contribution back as a TAX CREDIT on your Indiana taxes next spring, with the option of also claiming the entire gift as a deduction on your itemized federal tax return.  Not only will you get a great break on your taxes next April; you’ll provide funding for the agency.  This means that your gift will be worth more than twice as much as it actually costs you.

Here’s an example:  If you give a gift of $100, you will make a check out to Jacob’s Village for the whole amount.  Along with the contribution, you’ll complete some paperwork that we will send into the state on your behalf.  Several weeks later, the state will send you a letter that indicates you have a tax credit for $50 (or half of whatever you have donated over $100).  That means, when it comes time to pay your state taxes next April, you will pay $50 less; or if you don’t owe anything, you’ll get $50 back!  If you also file an itemized federal tax return, you can also then claim a deductible contribution of the entire $100, which will save you even more.  So your $100 gift will actually only cost you $50 or LESS!

What counts as a contribution?  Cash, checks, stocks, securities, or certain stationary building materials are permitted contributions. Contact Info:  If you are interested in participating by donating to Jacob’s Village through the NAP program, please call Laura Hurt, Development Director at 812-598-4122.